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Udo Heuser is the new President of the Fragrance Foundation Germany

Comprehensive realignment planned: More end-user relevance and visibility

The Fragrance Foundation Germany elected a new board of directors at its digital board meeting on Feb. 25, 2021. The new president is Udo Heuser, CEO and managing  partner of the Nobilis Group. He succeeds Thomas Rieder, who is relinquishing the position after  many years of successful work in order to concentrate fully on his duties as Managing Director at  Clarins.

Johannes Scheer, General Manager Shiseido, was confirmed as Vice President. Treasurer with  immediate effect is Achim Spannagel, General Manager Fragrance Brands L`Oréal Luxe.

The board, which has been elected for the next two years, is planning a comprehensive  realignment of the organization. The focus will be on a rethought integration of retail partners,  concentration on end consumers and creative cooperations with media houses. 

"The theme of fragrance is to be played 365 days a year in order to increase end consumer  relevance and visibility among end customers. This could include, for example, more touchpoints  in retail, newsletters to people interested in fragrance, or an expansion of the audience award,"  Udo Heuser outlines the initial ideas. "Also, the DUFTSTARS or the award of the winning fragrances must be given greater visibility in the trade.  E-retailers are to be increasingly involved in the  activities, in line with their growing market importance," Heuser explains further.

In the future, the media houses will provide intensive support for the association's work in a  communications advisory board. The idea here is cross-media cooperation in various formats and  channels of the media titles, cooperation with other awards and increased use of digital  opportunities.

Board 2021 - 2023  
Udo HeuserNobilis GroupPresident
Johannes ScheerShiseidoVice-President
Achim SpannagelL´Oréal LuxeTreasurer
Other Board members  
Dr. Ulrike ArnholdChanel 
Kristina RuppLVMH 
Maria VölklPUIG 
David AuzCoty Luxury 
Stefan KemenMäurer + Wirtz 
Bart de BoeverBulgari Parfums 
Christian LenglingLengling Parfums 

Press contact:
Martin Ruppmann, Managing Director Fragrance Foundation
+49 172 6133514

Antje Brüne, Press and Public Relations
+49 173 3863127

Fragrance Foundation Germany e.V.
The Fragrance Foundation Germany is made up of manufacturers and suppliers in the perfume industry, retailers and the media.
The common goal is to cultivate perfume as a precious cultural asset, to present it as a luxurious accessory, and to showcase its
fascination to a broad public. The idea of honoring perfume with this prestigious award goes back to the American Fragrance
Foundation. The prize has also been awarded in Germany since 1993.