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Firmenich Fine Fragrance team of Perfumers were given ‘Carte Blanche’ to express their olfactive vision. They asked themselves about the perfumery of tomorrow and wished to share their most personal olfactive convictions. Without presuming to predict the future, they have expressed a desire, a perception, an emotion, an instinct or an intuition. These perfumers have played the game and were able to thwart the pitfalls of the blank page. They seized the opportunity to affirm, tell, declare, testify, externalize, manifest or testify in total freedom.

Their olfactive language was enriched by a collaboration with illustrators. From this artistic resonance – born of exchanges and shared inspirations - emerged a gallery of twelve art works sparking divergent atmospheres and emotions.

This Carte Blanche brought to light disparate olfactory and pictorial territories, in the image of our perfumers. Each of them – with his or her unique personality and singular olfactive signature – nurtures diversity and contributed to the richness of a uniquely talented team.

The Firmenich Perfumers captured different atmospheres, emotions & territories with beautiful diversity. The exclusive sensorial gallery included such creations as the followings;

  • A close encounter of the third kind at the heart of the vegetal kingdom. Salty, iodized, fresh and green, Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson experimented with a ‘Hybrid Vegetal’ fragrance bringing together the sky and the sea.
  • After two decades of sweet gourmands, Marie Salamagne imagined simple & healthy pleasures. Powerful vegetal notes met a milky seeds and cereals smoothness.
  • Olivier Cresp aligned the bubbles in a constellation, fusing, sparkling and bursting in an electrifying flash of bright citrus and green bitterness, boosted by vibrant woods.
  • A counterpoint to stereotypical masculinity. Christophe Raynaud approached sensuality with a juicy, watery and grainy flesh of pear bursting into the boys‘ locker room.
  • We were immersed into the uncompromising world of epiphyte plants with the Perfumer Annick Menardo. Her fragrance ‘Pure Botany’ distilled a green fever in which sap fused, infused, and diffused all around.
  • Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc drew an enigmatic salty-vegetal sensation and flew back and forth between green tones: raw, wet, watery and earthy. Her ‘Truer Than Life’ fragrance provided a palette of unique textures. The tension in this absolute nature was palpable.

Three territories emmerged from the amazing exercise

The desire to come back to more airy notes was detected; fresh, vertical, after a long period dominated by gourmandise and ambery vanillic structures.
Perfumers also demonstrated that freshness could paradoxically be a new expression of sensuality.

The wish to be “true to life” was expressed as a quest of ultra-naturalist realism throughout the research of vegetal, aquatic, iodic, mineral tones… This transcription of nature went through the illustration of synthetic raw materials, with unique textures.

Coming after the vanilla and the praline, many perfumers shared their vision of tomorrow’s addiction. Milky, iodic, pyrazine or cereal addictions… A common point? Nothing sticky or sweet!